Our dogs are a huge part of our family and we spend most weekends away having fun with them, either working during the winter months, showing in the summer, or simply just enjoying their company.


We have a very natural approach to caring for them, both dogs are fed on B.A.R.F (Bones and Raw Food Diet).  This diet takes a lot of research before attempting, and it is extremely important that it is well balanced between raw meaty bones, offal, fruit and veg amongst other elements. We would recommend Ian Billinghurst's 'Give a Dog a Bone' book on feeding raw as a good introduction.


We owe the health of our dogs to our Holistic Vet - Nick Thompson, Veterinary Surgeon, BSc(Hons)Path.Sci, BVM&S, MRCVS, VetMFHom - Holistic Vet Ltd. Nick is always there to offer support and advice on alternative medicine and nutrition. We highly recommend him and owe the health of our dogs to him. We thank him every day for giving Suka back to us when standard veterinary medicine could not after we nearly lost him at a young age to Pancreatitis. Visit Nick at


Alaskan Malamutes are not for the faint hearted, and are not a breed for everybody. Although they are extremely cute puppies, and grow into magnificent adults, they take a lot of hard work and dedication. They can be strong willed, boisterous, difficult to train and even aggressive in the wrong hands. Their coat requires dedicated grooming, and will 'blow' their coats at least twice a year when they require daily grooming.  


A very intelligent breed, a well trained malamute will be a happy malamute.

We work, show, back pack and weight train our dogs, to keep them occupied and happy.


We highly recommend the Alaskan Malamute 'Bible' amongst other books - 'The Alaskan Malamute: Yesterday and Today', Barbara E. Brooks and Sherry Wallis




Our Dogs


Photo above by Jaqueline Lowe

Photo to the right and above left - Tom training a four dog team. In Lead Vikki Hodgson's 'Ria' - Shepherdsway Black Beauty for Ataneq, and our 'Suka' with our 'Alfa' and 'Junior' in wheel

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